Posted by: Brian Hartz | February 3, 2017

17 Places to Visit in 2017

Florida Today, part of the USA Today network, has released a list of 17 must-see places in Florida for 2017, and Cedar Key made the cut (of course)!

From the article by Robin Draper:

Florida has many unique destinations, but Cedar Key, 50 miles southwest of Gainesville, is a true original. Filled with authentic “old Florida” charm, it’s a place that has remained relatively unchanged, giving visitors a feeling that “time stands still.” Cedar Key does not have the touristy, tropical vibe found in many places in Florida but its rustic uniqueness is unmistakable. Many are discovering the exceptional birding and wildlife viewing in the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge, the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge and the Suwannee and the Waccasassa rivers. Get outdoors for kayaking, paddle boarding, boating and hiking. Tidewater Tours offers a range of experiences — from the Cedar Key Island tour to Suwannee River tours, where Bald Eagles and Ospreys often fly overhead.

Well said, Robin!


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